MSHA Releases Results of May Impact Inspections

MSHA has announced the results of its May 2015 special impact inspections, conducted at ten coal mines and seven metal and nonmetal mines in ten states. The inspection list, reflecting the issuance of 176 citations and orders, is available here.

NPR: OSHA Launches Program To Protect Nursing Employees

NPR reports that OSHA will announce Thursday that it will step up enforcement on hospitals, for the first time ever, to prevent an epidemic of back and arm injuries among nursing employees. &lt;/p&gt;<br />

OSHA Publishes New Workplace Violence Guidelines

For years, OSHA has stressed that it considers workplace violence to be a generally recognized hazard under the Occupational Safety and Health Act’s General Duty Clause. Bureau of Labor Statistics data indicates that homicide continues to be a significant risk in the workplace, particularly for women. Nearly 2 million workers in this country are victims of

Court: Colorado Medical Pot-Smokers Not Protected from Termination

The Colorado Supreme Court held today that employees who engage in an activity such as

Grace Period Over – State Plan States Now Covered by New Federal Reporting Requirements

As we previously posted here and here, OSHA’s new reporting requirements went into effect on January 1, 2015. For the 27 state plan states, six additional months were provided for those states to simply incorporate the new federal standard or to amend their own reporting requirements to conform. Given the expiration of that grace period on

U.S. Department of Labor Issues Updated Safety Guidance to Nail Salon Workers

Responding to a scathing New York Times investigation and calls from Sens. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and

Lights, Camera, Goggles – Cal/OSHA takes on adult film industry

Newsweek reports that California’s Division of Occupational Safety and Health Standards (Cal/OSHA) has proposed a vast breadth of new safety protocols for employees working in the adult film industry.  Among the binding rules are a requirement for eye protection if it is reasonably anticipated that the eyes of an employee may be exposed to bodily

MSHA announces results of April impact inspections

MSHA today announced that federal inspectors issued 107 citations and one order during special impact inspections conducted at 17 coal mines and one metal and nonmetal mine in April.  Impact inspections began in April 2010 and target mines that MSHA alleges merit increased agency attention and enforcement due to their compliance history or particular compliance

OSHA Publishes Revised Whistleblower Investigations Manual

OSHA recently updated its detailed Whistleblower Investigations Manual (Directive No. CPL 02-03-005) to provide additional guidance regarding remedies

MSHA Chief Issues Guidance on Health and Safety Management Programs

In a recent letter to stakeholders, MSHA Assistant Secretary Joe Main lauded 2014’s lowest ever number of coal mining deaths, but reminded metal and nonmetal mining companies of the sudden uptick in miners killed at metal and nonmetal mines.  Assistant Secretary Main encouraged mine operators to strengthen existing safety and health management programs or adopt new programs

OSHA and NIOSH Issue New Health Care Respiratory Protection Toolkit

OSHA and NIOSH have teamed up to produce a Hospital Respiratory Protection Toolkit, which is being touted as “a resource for health care employers to use to protect hospital staff from respiratory hazards.” In a press release announcing the new resource, Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health, Dr. David Michaels, stated: “Hospitals

OSHA Renews Alliance Focused on Automotive Repair Workers

On May 14, OSHA announced that it has renewed its alliance for five years with the Coordinating Committee for Automotive Repair (CCAR). CCAR is a nonprofit focused on safety, training and environmental best practices for the motor vehicle industry. In the press release announcing the renewal, Assistant Secretary of Labor for Occupational Safety and Health,

Inspector General Investigating MSHA, NPR Reports

NPR reports that the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Labor has initiated an audit of the Mine Safety and Health Administration’s handling of delinquent penalties.  As noted by NPR: “The audit comes six months after NPR and Mine Safety and Health News reported the failure of federal regulators to collect nearly $70 million in overdue safety fines.

Nail Salon Worker Health Hazards on OSHA’s Radar

Thanks to a hard-hitting article appearing in the New York Times, health hazards faced by workers in nail salons are now front page news. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has followed by announcing the creation of a “multi-agency Enforcement Task Force,” which, among other things, will implement new workplace safety rules that will require the